Plastic Handi Access Panel (HA)

  • Dual purpose for use in walls or ceilings – guaranteed not to sag in a ceiling
  • White injection moulded plastic access panel with a picture frame as standard
  • Standard 16mm frame depth
  • Hinged and fully removable door
  • Non lockable snap friction as standard, key lockable version available 
  • When in place will provide a 20DB acoustic reduction

Note: The 550x550mm size option has pre-formed, chamfered fixing holes on the inner frame – we recommend screw fixing. Note fixing holes are inside the door and not visible when the door is closed and the panel is fitted).


Plastic Panel Data Sheet

Code  Panel Size  Structural Opening  Clear Opening Once Installed  Depth  Weight
HA100-150 100x150mm 105x155mm 91x140mm 16mm 0.11kg
HA150-150 150x150mm 155x155mm 138x140mm 16mm 0.18kg
HA150-230 150x230m 155x235mm 142x216mm 16mm 0.23kg
HA200-200 200x200mm 205x205mm 191x194mm 16mm 0.26kg
HA300-300 300x300mm 305x305mm 293x294mm 16mm 0.47kg
HA350-350 350x350mm 355x355mm 343x344mm 16mm 0.75kg
HA450-450 450x450mm 455x455mm 420x440mm 16mm 1.13kg
HA550-550 550x550mm 555x555mm 532x518mm 16mm 1.60kg


0100×0150, 0150×0150, 0150×0230, 0200×0200, 0300×0300, 0350×0350, 0450×0450, 0550×0550

Lock Option

Snap Friction, Key Lockable