Slim Panel (SP-PF SP-BF)

  • Dual purpose access panel for use in walls or ceilings
  • Manufactured from Zintec steel
  • Standard 29mm deep frame
  • Picture frame (SP-PF) or beaded frame (SP-BF) available
  • Budget lock as standard (Twist catch lock operated by black plastic T-key) with other options available
  • Finished PPC RAL 9010 with 30% gloss
  • Lock concealed by plastic bung

Slim Panel Data Sheet

Size  Structural Opening  Overall Size (Including Frame) Clear Opening Once Installed  Depth  Weight 
150x150mm 155x155mm 200x200mm 97x147mm 29mm 0.7kg
200x200mm 205x205mm 250x250mm 149x197mm 29mm 1.0kg
300x300mm 305x305mm 350x350mm 250x298mm 29mm 1.5kg
350x350mm 355x355mm 400x400mm 298x344mm 29mm 2.0kg
450x450mm 455x455mm 500x500mm 398x444mm 29mm 2.8kg
550x550mm 555x555mm 600x600mm 498x547mm 29mm 3.9kg
600x300mm 605x305mm 650x350mm 598x255mm 29mm 2.8kg
600x600mm 605x605mm 650x650mm 547x598mm 29mm 4.5kg

Add approx. 5mm to the access panel size when creating your structural opening e.g. 305x305mm opening for a 300x300mm access panel.


Weight N/A

150×150, 200×200, 230×150, 300×300, 350×350, 400×400, 450×450, 500×500, 550×550, 600×300, 600×600

Frame Type

Picture Frame, Beaded Frame

Lock Option

Budget Lock, Tamper-Proof Lock, Key Lock