Standard Touch Catch (PF-TC BF-TC)

  • Sleek, low profile access panel with no visible lock
  • Picture frame (SP-PF) or beaded frame (SP-BF) available
  • Fitted with 2 spring loaded roller catches, press and release to open
  • Finished in white satin Ral 9010
  Size   Structural Opening   Overall size Including Frame   Clear Opening once installed   Depth   Weight
150x150mm 155x155mm 200x200mm 100x148mm 27mm* 0.5kg
200x200mm 205x205mm 250x250mm 150x198mm 27mm* 0.7kg
300x300mm 305x305mm 350x350mm 250x298mm 27mm* 1.3kg
350x350mm 355x355mm 400x400mm 300x348mm 27mm* 1.7kg
450x450mm 455x455mm 500x500mm 400x448mm 27mm* 2.6kg
550x550mm 555x555mm 600x600mm 500x548mm 27mm* 3.4kg
600x600mm 605x605mm 650x650mm 550x598mm 27mm* 3.8kg

* Panel depth is 27mm but both the panel and touch latch lock are 36mm deep. Please allow for this when fitting

Weight N/A
Frame Type

Picture Frame, Beaded Frame


150×150, 200×200, 300×300, 350×350, 450×450, 550×550, 600×600